PLM Capabilities Assessment

TriStar’s PLM Assessment helps Product Development organizations align their business processes and support technologies with their business goals.


What Does the Assessment Entail?

TriStar’s Assessment is designed to address specific product development challenges and our consultants take a collaborative approach to help you through process transformation. Based on your unique processes and product development environment, we can help you to create a detailed action plan that will deliver optimal results.

Profits can be maximized when key components of a business strategy such as increasing revenue, reducing costs and adding new customers are linked to operational excellence and improvements within product development processes.


How effective is your PLM Implementation Planning?

Are you looking to create a three to five-year vision for your PLM Deployment?

TriStar’s PLM Implementation Planning service is designed to address detailed work activities, including milestones and risk management

Do you lack adequate management support and buy in for your PLM plans?

Our assessment is presented in a form that can be presented with confidence to senior management for their approval and commitment

Are you looking to plan beyond the next release or implement a major upgrade?

Our plans can be created as part of a stand-alone PLM assessment or as part of broader 3 to 5 year PLM Vision Plan


Planning your long-term roadmap

Assessment Step 1: Project Preparation Step 2: Best Practice Reviews Step 3: Blueprint Development Step 4: Blueprint Validation
Business Confirm business case approach and rules Identify benefit areas and define improvement baselines Quantify benefits and document risks and assumptions Generate the business case with cost, ROI and define skills, estimate deplyment resources
Business Process Review as-is process, pain points, business process blueprints Conduct workshops to draft PLM business concepts. Derive PLM area and PLM service requirements Develop the PLM business blueprint Validate business blueprint and establish a phased deployment, Define the governance structure
IT Architecture Extract core PLM architecture questions and assess as-is architecture pain points Draft first application map Develop interface, integration and migration path scenarios Define technology blueprint

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