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Creo 8.0 Top Enhancements

Register Now   Learn from TriStar Sr. Application Engineer Thiagu Palaniappan, an overview of Top Enhancements in Creo 8.0 including enhancements in model-based definition (MBD), additive manufacturing, generative design and simulation. You’ll also find usability and productivity improvements to help you deliver better products faster. Topics Include: ✔  Usability and productivity ✔  Model-based definition [...]

Creo Simulation Live & Simulation Extensions

Register Now   Join TriStar Sr. Application Engineer Thiagu Palaniappan, as he provides an overview on the new Creo Simulation Live powered by Ansys. This ground-breaking technology puts Ansys Discovery Live technology into Creo Parametric, showing results in real-time simulation with powerful capabilities for structural, thermal, modal, and fluid flow analysis. He will also [...]

Advancing the Revolution in Photopolymer 3D Printing Performance

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Photopolymer 3D printing has been in use for over 25 years, delivering great value through speed and accuracy. However, due to limitations in material performance and longevity, this technology has primarily been used for design prototyping only. 3D Systems is excited to expand the role of photopolymer 3D printing, and combine the speed, accuracy, and [...]

NoSupports Metal Printing

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Past methods for supporting metal additive manufactured (AM) parts have imposed limitations on part design. The increased complexity associated with removing supports has added cost and lead time to the process, and some parts and applications have even been disqualified from AM due to support-based issues. Together with 3D Systems’ leading expertise and machine platforms, [...]

Advancing Additive Productivity with Figure 4 High Density Stacking

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Join us for our upcoming webinar to learn how advancements in high density stacking on our Figure 4 solution are advancing productivity for additive manufacturing to deliver thousands of production parts in just 48 hours. Thanks to new materials, faster print speeds, and innovative workflows, additive manufacturing (AM) is transitioning from its primary use as [...]

Model-Based Definition to Streamline Product Definition

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This presentation will explore the foundational elements required for model-based definition (MBD)and its deliverables both internally and externally to the organization. Furthermore, a clear distinction must be made between in deliverable types for human visualization and for machine consumption. These deliverables are often quite different for various part families and assembly types. From this foundation [...]

KeyShot 10 – The ENVOY Project: From Sketch to Shelf

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Register Now Join TriStar Business Development Manager, Shawn Schreckengost and special guest moderator Randy Briggs from KeyShot, as they introduce the ENVOY Project! Learn how KeyShot is paving the way as more than just amazing rendering and animation software, but the entire product lifecycle to take a project from "Sketch to Shelf" in 3 steps; Concept, Model, [...]

Get More Value from Your MBD

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Is your organization considering or beginning a model-based definition initiative? Are your engineering and other departments set up to efficiently create and consume MBD documentation? Join Chad Jackson, Lifecycle Insights CEO and Chief Analyst, and Jeremy Morse, PTC’s Strategic Segment Specialist, for this insightful discussion of MBD and the value it creates for companies. Get [...]

Creo Advanced Assembly Extension (AAX)

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Register Now   For organizations seeking to improve the productivity of their design teams, PTC Creo Advanced Assembly Extension (AAX) supports best in class concurrent engineering capabilities. With PTC Creo AAX, critical design information can be shared with individual team members enabling them to complete their tasks concurrently while working within the context of [...]

Level Up Your Productivity: Tips from the Creo Pros

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Are you using a Swiss army knife solely for the blade? Sure, it’s a great tool for cutting, but there is so much more you can do with it. The same goes for Creo, with capabilities far beyond a simple 3D CAD solution. Level-up your Creo design skills at this free web conference hosted by [...]

Webinar: Free-up your Innovation with PLM: Make Flying Cars a Reality with PAL-V

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PAL-V Founders Discuss the Power of PTC's PLM in the Cloud Founded in 2008 and based in the Netherlands, PAL-V provides the dream vehicle for aviation and automotive enthusiasts: the flying car. PAL-V grew rapidly and has to deal with strict compliance requirements which made secure data management and storage capabilities essential. By investing in [...]

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