Holistic PLM & Organization Change

Successful PLM implementation requires a holistic organizational approach which accounts for change across multiple spectrums.

Holistic PLM Whitepaper

Why do organizations struggle with technology change? Managing change in globally dispersed organizations is difficult. Extending that change across cross functional processes and domains increases the technical challenge and risk. TriStar believes that organizations fail because they lack a comprehensive strategy to manage change across People, Process and Technology.

In this eBook, you’ll learn the 4 pillars that form the Holistic PLM Strategy that is the backbone of any successful PLM implementation including:

  • Product Development Strategy
    • Aligning PLM with Strategic Objectives
    • Establish the PLM Organization & Reporting
    • Formalize Organizational Change Management
  • Business Process
    • Understanding Data and Process Quality
    • Data Modeling
  • Program Management
  • Technical Management

The common denominator for conquering organizational change and business transformation TriStar has identified the key best practices and implementation approaches which significantly reduce the risk of failure and increase the likelihood of successful enterprise-wide Organizational Change Management (OCM).

So now that you know you have the power to modernize your company’s product development process, what are you going to do about it? Download your copy of “Holistic PLM and Organizational Change” today!

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