Direct ECAD integration in PTC Windchill

Air Date: April 14, 2021

Webinar Replay

Direct ECAD integration in PTC Windchill


In this on-demand webinar, XPLM will show you how productive you can be when you link your ECAD tools directly to a PLM system via Integrate2, using PTC Windchill as an example.

Integrate2 automatically starts generating all manufacturing information, including specifications for cable assembly, terminal strips, wiring lists and housing preparation, as well as for PCB production and its assembly. A new version triggers the release process and automatically provides the team with all the information required in context. Supported by a PLM system, high-quality products are created within the defined time and cost framework. The product development process is transparent at all times and can be historically tracked with all its changes.

What you will learn…

✓ Why PCB design data management is the key to sustainable design success
✓ Common problems and sources of errors, and how to identify and eliminate them
✓ How to ensure that BOM, design and part data are always current and in sync
✓ Why connecting your data to the rest of the organization is important
✓ How to easily and effectively manage your design data directly in your ECAD environment
✓ How automated data exchange processes eliminate sources of error and save development time