Elevate your visuals

The fastest, most powerful software for real-time 3D rendering and animation brings you even more ways to create amazing shots. Create cutaways. Add light rays. Generate 3D textures. Style your images in real-time. KeyShot 8.2 provides the advanced features and flexibility you need to take your visuals to the next level. And this is just the beginning.

KeyShot 8.2 brings you new ways to…

Workflow Performance Improvements.

You can expect your workflow in scene setup, material application and rendering to flow much better. We’ve added the ability to pause offline rendering at any time and if you use interior mode, you’ll notice improved speed and performance. Along with this, we’ve made many, many updates and fixes to the KeyShot UI, making elements and actions more consistent and work how you expect them to.

More Network Rendering Options.

By popular demand, KeyShot Network Rendering for Linux is here. Both Master and Slave can now be installed on Linux. We’ve also added a silent installation option for KeyShot Network Rendering on MacOS and have included many more Network Rendering improvements.

Increased Integration Capabilities.

Perhaps the most input was provided from KeyShot users regarding KeyShot integration with 3D modeling software. It would be difficult to list all the updates made across the integration with various software. The top improvements include optimized and updated SOLIDWORKS integration, direct import of Autodesk Revit 2019 files, and support for Vertex Color and Deformable Curves included in Alembic output.

Extend Your Reach .

Powerful capabilities for advanced texture and image creation.

Bloom Threshold

Control your highlights.

But not your excitement. KeyShot 8 image styles bring you the capabilities to fine-tune that bloom. And the control over curves can be done live using histogram controls or adjusting shadows, midtones and highights separately.

Image: John Seymour
KeyShot 8 Bloom - What's New
KeyShot 8 Cutaway - What's New


Cut it like this. Cut it like that.

Import your entire 3D model. No need to cut it up before bringing it into KeyShot. A cutaway is applied like a material to any geometry you like. So, scale, size and adjust that cut as much as you need.

Image: Rex Roberts

Cap Style

Exclude and Color.

Cutaways have a style all their own. Choose to cap cut surfaces with a color, a material, or even a texture. It’s all up to you, along with what’s excluded from the cut or included. Can you animate it? You better believe you can.

Image: Esben Oxholm

Nested Dielectrics

Liquid Simplicity.

Pour on the speed–Liquids are even easier in KeyShot 8.1. No need for splitting objects or separate surfaces. A glass. A liquid. KeyShot does the rest. Refreshing.

Image: Magnus Skogsfjord
KeyShot 8 Liquid - What's New
KeyShot 8 Multi-layer Optics - What's New

Multi-layer Optics

Complex Coatings.

For when you need precise control over the appearance of optical lenses, windows, mirrors and more, the new multi-layer optics in KeyShot 8.1 makes it possible. Add layers or custom specifications. Control thickness, color, refraction, and dispersion. The design of optical products has never been easier.

Image: Rex Roberts

Scattering Medium

Amazing Rays.

A foggy morning. Light rays shooting through the branches of trees. Or just the right amount of ambiance for that sexy, new product shot. It’s all possible now with new volumetric capabilities that provide instant power over the elements.

Image: John Seymour
KeyShot 8 Scattering Medium - What's New
KeyShot 8Density Texture - What's New

Density Texture

Amazing Materials.

As easy as it is to fill your scene with fog, it’s just as easy to use scattering to create incedible materials. Go one step further and apply a density texture to create a unique, one-of-a-kind material, like splintered wood, the fibers of a boat hull, or your favorite sponge material.

Image: Esben Oxholm

Multiple Scattering

Mix it up.

Put products in a scattering medium. Or make products out of scattering medium. Or do both. And, when you need increased realism for your product shots, the multiple scattering option give it to you.

Image: Rex Roberts
KeyShot 8 Multiple Scattering - What's New
KeyShot 8 OpenVDB - What's New


Or do something completely different.

You have full control over the elements. Use OpenVDB files to bring in volumetric data and create visuals you have only imagined.

Image: Peter Gill


Enhance Your Experience.

KeyShot 8.1 introduces powerful capabilities for incredibly advanced and amazing textures. The new Displace feature in the KeyShot Pro Material Graph bring control over the very geometry itself allowing you to create 3D textures and take your visuals to incredible, new heights.

Image: Peter Gill
KeyShot 8 Displacement - What's New
KeyShot 8 Bubbles - What's New


Make it juicy.

If you’ve ever needed more bubbles in your shots, KeyShot 8.1 makes it possible with an additional geometry feature in the KeyShot Pro Material Graph. Add as few or as many bubbles as you need. Shake it up. Make it fizz.

Image: Dries Vervoort


Make it sparkle.

It’s exatcly what you want to make that image do. And sparkle it will. Add any variety of flakes (square or spherical) inside your material or around it. Make it glitter. Make it pop. Make it sparkle.

Image: Kevin Quigley
KeyShot 8 Flakes - What's New
KeyShot 8 Material Ways Configurator - What's New

Material Ways

Present more possibilities.

KeyShot Configurator introduces new Material Ways to present more material and color possibilities across your product variations. Fire up the Configurator. Add a Material Way. Select your Multi-material combinations. Use it to explore material options or make your presentations more powerful.

Image: Rex Roberts

KeyShot Viewer

Share your scene.

For the first time, send your KeyShot scenes to other people for interactive viewing, allow customers to explore color options, or run KeyShot Viewer as a large touchscreen configurator.

KeyShot 8 Viewer- What's New

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