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Creo 7.0 makes you more productive than ever. It’s packed with new enhancements and capabilities to help you design the products of the future.

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Creo 7.0: What’s New

Product design is constantly changing and so should your CAD software. Creo 7.0 has breakthrough innovations in the areas of generative design, real time simulation, multibody design, additive manufacturing and more! With Creo 7.0, you will be able to design the most innovative products faster than ever before, keeping you on the cutting edge of product design and ahead of your competition.

Top Enhancements in Creo

Generative Design

Creo Generative Topology Optimization extension automatically creates innovative product designs based on engineering requirements. Reduce development time and expense with high-quality, lower-cost, manufacturable designs.

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Real Time Simulation

Creo 7.0 introduces Fluid Flow Simulation to Creo Simulation Live. Built specifically for designers, the software gives you real time Fluid Flow Simulation capabilities directly integrated within your Creo environment. Creo 7.0 also introduces UI enhancements and improved workflows to increase your productivity.

Multibody Design

New multibody design workflows allow you to separately manage, visualize, and design geometric volumes. These new workflows empower you in the areas of generative design, additive manufacturing, and simulation.

Additive Manufacturing and CAM

Creo 7.0 features improvements to the Creo Additive Manufacturing Extension. You can now add lattices based on the Delaunay algorithm. New Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) capabilities include support for Swiss Type machines as well as usability enhancements.

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Core Productivity Enhancements

As with every release, Creo 7.0 contains significant core productivity enhancements to help you design better products faster. New capabilities include an enhanced Draft tool, improvements to 2D Mirror, multiple UI improvements to the Sketcher tool, and more! These capabilities make Creo more intuitive and easier to use, allowing every user to be more productive.

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