PTC Windchill Customer Experience Management

Customer experience management software that tracks and manages quality-related complaints from the field

Customer experience management software is essential to improving future product designs and ensuring a loyal customer base for years to come. Recording customer complaints and tracking their resolution is also an essential step in remaining compliant with quality initiatives – including ISO 9000, APQP, and medical device standards like FDA CFR 21 Part 820 – which are being embraced with increasing frequency by companies throughout both regulated and non-regulated industries.

PTC Windchill Customer Experience Management supplies the highly structured, automated, and repeatable processes necessary to meet regulatory requirements for addressing external quality issues reported through customer complaints. And as an integral PTC Windchill solution, customer complaint processes can include corrective and preventive actions, change and configuration management, document management, and BOM management. View the PTC Windchill 10 Interactive Experience to see how PTC Windchill Customer Experience Management tightly integrates with other PTC Windchill modules in a single software system to help streamline product development, speed innovation, and improve next- generation products.

Features and Benefits

  • Detailed, OOTB workflows for follow-up actions, return product investigation, and regulatory safety reporting
  • Uniform capture, codification, and processing of all customer feedback
  • Quickly enter and access complaint records with Call Center functionality, history, and lookup
  • Ease-of-use and web-based access for rapid data entry and processing
  • Powerful queries, graphs, scheduled reports, and alerts enable visibility into quality trends
  • Flexible workflows are easily configured to match existing business processes