PTC Creo Layout Offers Greater Scalability, Improved Collaboration

PTC Creo Layout Offers Greater Scalability, Improved Collaboration

The all new PTC Creo 3.0 was introduced at the recent PTC Live Global conference in Boston, Mass., and it offers some great improvements over previous versions.

Among its many new features, the new version of PTC Creo Layout offers sublayouts that improve scalability and make it easier for designers to collaborate during the concept design phase. The software also comes with a new data sharing feature that will improve the integration of 2D designs from PTC Creo Layout with 3D models in PTC Creo Parametric.

The software also offers improved sketching capabilities and the ability to work with larger layouts faster.

The ability to import 3D models has also been enhanced in the latest version. The import dialogue now displays the model in a semi-transparent shading, which improves the ability to see the cross section in the model. There are two new options in the import dialogue as well. It is now possible to choose whether you want the imported entities to take their colors from the models or to follow the default color of the layout.

Hatching is now supported in PTC Creo Layout and you can choose to import the hatching from the 3D model. After the section is imported, you can toggle the display of hatching from the view tab in the ribbon.

With the hatching turned off, it is easy to see whether the imported entities do match the colors of the original 3D models.

Click on the link below to view a brief tutorial which describes this new functionality in depth (free registration required):

Reviewing Import Functionality Tutorial – PTC Learning Exchange

The tutorial below describes how the software’s model tree has been improved (free registration required):

Layout Model Tree Tutorial

If you’d like to learn more about PTC Creo Layout, this 2011 video featuring PTC’s Don Breda offers a great overview:

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