Closed Loop Automation for Custom Product Development

Engineers and designers can create designs much faster using powerful, simple-to-use automation tools

RuleSoft allows users to quickly output Cad model, drawings, quotes, orders and manufacturing plans for engineer-to-order products helping the company become more profitable. Easily design custom wizard input screens giving non-technical users the ability to generate quotes, drawings, 3D models and Bills of Materials.

Innovate And Produce New Products

RuleSoft is a configurable automation platform that enables companies to efficiently quote and process orders for customizable products. RuleSoft simplifies your business processes and eliminates errors from designing configurations manually.

  • Unlimited design flexibility.
  • Cut, copy, paste controls, products, rules, and quotes.
  • Real time generation of pricing.
  • Perform complex Searches, Lookups, and Cross References for ‘Table Based Design’product designs.
  • Generate templates for automatic proposals and quotes.
  • Comprehensive CAD functions Library.
  • Bi-directional CAD integration, write and read to CAD.
  • and many more!

Key Features and Benefits

Deployment Options

RuleSoft improves a manufacturer’s sales process for custom products by giving sales representatives, and channel partners the ability to specify new product configurations without the need to interact with the engineering department. For advanced designs it allows engineers to optimize their work flow and validate designs with fully customizable wizards that can be defined by the customer! (minimal scripting knowledge required using simple .NET standard syntax)

On Premise Server System Requirements:

  • Minimum – Quad Core CPU, 2.13 GHz

  • Database size 5GB to 1TB (based on usage)

  • Minimum – 4GB RAM

  • Recommended – Windows Server OS (2003+)

  • Required – Microsoft SQL Server (2008+, Edition based on usage needs)

  • Optional – Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0+

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