Linking Sales Quoting to Both CAD and PLM

Air Date: April 6, 2017

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Linking Sales Quoting to Both CAD and PLM


View this Webinar Replay: Linking Sales Quoting to CAD and PLM – Streamline Engineering and Project Management for Configure to Order (CTO) and Engineer To Order (ETO) Products…

Many companies that develop Configure To Order (CTO) or Engineer To Order (ETO) products have adopted a set of disconnected software systems as point solutions in their organization to help individuals become more efficient for their particular tasks. While these systems have helped individuals become more efficient, they often lack integration to other downstream processes and systems required to design, manufacture, and ultimately deliver these tailored products to the end customer. This lack of integration has led to inefficiencies during hand offs between organizations, risk for error during the continued manual input of data, and lack of visibility to overall project execution statistics.

For example, many companies have built up home grown Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) systems to help a sales engineer quote a new ETO project. If that quote gets approved, the handoff to engineering is often manual which forces the engineering organization to manually input data into a CAD based configurator to generate custom CAD models and drawings. Once engineering is complete, the handoff to manufacturing is again typically manual which in turn forces the manufacturing planner or engineer to develop a separate process in their ERP tool to manage and track production.

At TriStar, we have developed an integrated system that brings together quoting, engineering, manufacturing, and project management. By integrating these functions we have helped many companies dramatically cut down on their overall production time for CTO and ETO products.