Democratize Simulation for Your Design Engineers

Air Date: July 28, 2016

Webinar Replay

Democratize Simulation for Your Design Engineers

CAD & Simulation

In this webinar replay you will explore with TriStar’s Simulation Expert, Thiagu Palaniappan: Democratizing Simulation for Your Design Engineers.

– Discover how AIM’s intuitive simulation workflow delivers high levels of automation and allows customization to automate engineering simulation best practice
– Learn how AIM’s custom applications enable every engineer in your organization to benefit from simulation insights

Innovative companies are using Simulation early in the Product Development Process to improve and optimize product designs. Companies deploying up-front simulation to their product design teams require simulation software that is easy-to-use, provides accurate simulation results and allows customization to enforce best practices. Such design Engineering Simulation Software allows teams to develop and refine design ideas early in the design cycle when the cost of making design changes is still low.

ANSYS AIM’s intuitive interface brings design engineers and others relatively inexperienced with simulation up to speed fast
Powerful multiphysics simulation capabilities coupled with a very easy to use environment allows engineers to perform simulation from start to finish in a single environment.